Testimonials — What others are saying about living at Stearman Field.

Stearman Field is a collection of knowledgeable, friendly spouses, families and pilots, where social interactions abound and great networking opportunities exist. There are many different backgrounds and great minds with an openness for new residents and new ideas. No matter what your connection to flying you’ll find many friendly fun loving, caring and sharing people. All in one way or another connected to Aviation.
— Jerry & Nita Long
Unlike some of the other aviation communities we visited, Stearman Field offers many of the same amenities that large municipal airports offer like 24 hr fuel, an instrument approach, paved and lighted runway, maintenance shop and a restaurant on the field. Not only that, but being able to go fly whenever we want in wide open unrestricted airspace is fantastic therapy that we both long for. The airport also has a grass runway that a lot of the taildragger pilots like to use and are such a joy to watch. We love it here and couldn’t agree more with folks when they say living here is “just another day in paradise”.
As I like to call it “Living the Dream!!”. When we first moved our planes out to Stearman Field, we bought a Condo/Hangar Lot at Stearman Estates II to build a week-end apartment get away. We fell in love with the Airport and the people so much, we decided to make it a full time “love affair” of living with our planes and built a home/hangar at Stearman Estates. Living here has been perfect. There is nothing like watching aircraft come and go from our back porch or if on a moments notice, to take our own Stearman up for a flight around the country side. Living the Aviation Dream is what we have now and it’s our last move. We love it!!
— Randy Hardy/Janet Foster
In the past, my husband and I spent many hours traveling to and from airports in order to go fly our plane. Thirty minutes to an hour each way was not unusual. He says it is such a joy to simply walk out the door a few feet to the hangar, pull the airplane out and go fly. We no longer have those time consuming trips to the airport, the loading and unloading of the car and the hangar rental fees. He can go out and clean his airplane or go fly anytime he likes and I can take a walk or a run in a wonderful rural setting anytime it suits me. The convenience of having our own hangar and plane right out the back door has allowed us more opportunities to take more trips. We feel fortunate and spoiled at the same time to have discovered Stearman Field.
We didn’t think we would ever find what we both wanted. I wanted to be on an airport with hangar space to keep my airplane and a place to restore my “project”. My wife wanted a a place out in the country but still close to neighbors and to the city. At Stearman Field, we built what we both wanted and are loving every minute of it.
Stearman Estates is airport living at its finest. The community is on a vibrant general aviation airport, 1K1, that is very active and supportive of aviation. We have thoroughly enjoyed calling Stearman Field home.
— Jack J Pelton
Stearman Field is a great residential aviation community. Our neighbors are very friendly and helpful. Before we moved here we attended the Annual Fly-ins and the neighborhood get-togethers with friends and family. Now that we live here, we get to enjoy the experience even more. The great Kansas open sky, country living, airplanes of all kinds and great neighbors...all add up to an ideal neighborhood.
It is a joy to live in a community where there’s a common love of flying. We enjoy the country atmosphere, great neighbors and the opportunities that “living with our airplane” provide us. After looking at some pretty desolate airparks, we wondered if we would ever find what we were looking for. That was until we found Stearman Field. We knew we had uncovered a gem and have never regretted moving here. It is a family more than an airpark.