Living the Dream - An Airpark Lifestyle

When my wife and I were discussing plans to relocate from west Wichita to Butler County so that she would be much closer to her work, we both had preferences.  I wanted to be on an airport and she wanted to be out in the country.  I would have been happy out in the country on 40 acres with a grass strip but she wanted some civilization close by.  I wondered WHY she wanted people around and she wondered WHY I wanted to live on an airport with all the noise.  It wasn't that I wanted to live on an airport, but rather I wanted to be where my airplane was and since we were attempting to reduce her 45 minute commute to work, I thought it was my chance to kill two birds with one stone.  We looked for months and months but just couldn't fit all the pieces of the puzzle together.  We liked what we had heard about the Circle School District, my wife liked the shorter commute and the short drive into Wichita, and I liked what the Benton Airpark offered.  Two homes finally went on the market and we submitted an offer on one only to discover another offer was submitted and accepted just hours before ours.  When we asked about the other home, we were told it too had an offer and was later accepted.  So, we were left with nothing after spending many week-ends and evenings driving and flying around looking for airport property.  After looking for what seemed like forever and finding nothing, we made the decision to build our own home.  There were only two vacant lots left in the development and after we decided which one we wanted, we made an offer and so began a new chapter in our lives titled "Living on an Airport".  That was 23 years ago!!!  We love living here; we love the peace and quite of rural Kansas, the sunrises and sunsets, the friends and neighbors, the close knit community it has become where everyone looks out for everyone but still respects one's privacy, the like-minded interest in aviation we have, the "give the shirt off their back" kindness shown by so many and I even like our slice of Small Town America, where you'd think everyone is running for Mayor because everybody waves at ya!  I could go on and on about why I love living at Stearman Field and I know my reasons and many more are shared by others.  Back 20+ years ago, my wife and I didn't give much thought about property values, resale value, the condition of the airport, County taxes or whether we'd "fit in".  We didn't know anything about "Living the Dream" or the Airpark "Lifestyle" or anything like that.  We just knew, this is where we wanted to live, to raise our kids, to grow old together, to call home.  Benton Airpark was a vision that became a reality some 30 years ago.  Stearman Estates is an extension of that vision. Today, there is a lot of information available for those who want to learn about this type of "Lifestyle".  We hope that if you or someone you know want to learn more about Living on an Airport, that you'll take a look at or recommend the following articles.  Let us know what you think about Living on an Airport.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Blue Skies!

Living The Dream!  An Airpark Lifestyle by George J. Gratton, a licensed sales associate in the State of Florida.  Used with permission.

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Residential Airpark Living Takes Off, written by Jay MacDonald, contributing editor